Buying a used car can be an exciting experience, but also be a stressful one.  You may think that taking the car for a test drive and accepting the seller’s assurances that you’re getting a good deal is all the information needed. Alas, you must exercise more caution if you don’t want a dud.

If you’re in the Sunshine State, your first port of call should be a REVS Check QLD. It will tell you if your preferred vehicle is on the Register of Encumbered Vehicles. Presence on this register means money is owed on the car; debt you’ll inherit on purchase. This puts you at risk of repossession.

Your REVS Check QLD is certainly useful, but even REVS don’t cover everything you need to know. A CarHistory report contains not only a REVs Check but a lot of other information vital to making an informed decision on a used car purchase..
So what sort of information do our reports contain? We can tell you if your car has ever been written off, registered stolen or damaged. Worried the odometer might have been tampered with? Your CarHistory report can flag that, too. It also provides a current valuation of the vehicle, as well as a full sales history.

CarHistory is the first online automotive information bureau in Australia. We cross-reference such databases as REVS Check QLD, Vcheck, NVIS and the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. In addition, we will soon utilise PPSR search functions to help you establish the credit history of your vehicle, ensuring it’s a savvy investment.

Once it’s activated in January of 2012, the PPSR register will allow both businesses and lenders to register their personal property - for example, a used car. Interested buyers can then conduct PPSR searches to find out if the asset they’re looking for has been registered. It has previously been rolled out successfully across the US, Canada and New Zealand.
CarHistory reports can establish whether your car’s history makes it a less than ideal investment. All products are available online, you just need to enter the car’s VIN Number to get your report in seconds.