Buying a new or used car can be a perplexing experience, especially if you’re a first-timer. It’s a good idea to seek advice, but be careful where you get it from. Think dear old dad is any better at spotting a dud from a mile away? Think again. Twenty-three per cent of car buyers who seek the advice of their father or another family or friend before purchasing their car end up with a lemon.

So where should you go for advice? For those in Perth, Fremantle or anywhere else in Western Australia, the first thing to do is conduct a WA REVS Check.

The REVS Check will tell you if the previous owner still owes money on your car. Any debt associated with the car will be carried over to you, leaving you vulnerable to repossession by the relevant creditor. A certificate from a WA REVS Check can protect you and your investment.

REVS is a great start but it’s by no means the only check you should make. Recent research conducted by CarHistory showed that almost one in two Australian used car buyers aren’t sure that they know the complete history of the car they’re about to purchase; a CarHistory report is designed to provide that peace of mind.

CarHistory is the only online automotive bureau in Australia. Our expertise as part of Veda Group makes us perfectly placed to answer questions such as:

  • Has the vehicle been previously written off? Is it being sold on after being reconditioned?
  • Is the seller genuinely the registered owner, or is the car stolen?
  • Is the vehicle registration current?
  • Has the odometer been tampered with? (This can be a sign of further issues with the car)

Once you have the answers to these and any other questions, you can make a fully informed decision about your used car.

To get the full story behind your vehicle, simply provide us with your VIN Number and CarHistory report will be ready within seconds.