Revs free check

Doing a REVS check is an important piece of information that a potential buyer should arm themselves with before buying a new car. It helps uncover whether the vehicle concerned is encumbered i.e. carrying any debt which could mean there’s a risk of it being repossessed. A free REVS check used to be available from state government bodies like the NSW RTA, however since January 30 2012, this service has ceased. A CarHistory report can provide you with the information you need prior to purchasing a used vehicle for a small cost of $36.95.

Since 30 January 2012, the information formerly available through REVS has been made available under the new Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

All this information is incredibly important to know about a vehicle before buying it but only uncovers part of the picture. It doesn’t answer questions like whether the vehicle was previously written-off or even stolen,and is the odometer reading accurate? These questions present different dimensions of risk that a REVS check simply doesn’t address.

How do you know you’re getting the best deal? To do this you’ll need to get a vehicle valuation as well as sales listing history. 

All this information and more can be delivered within minutes online from with a selection of reports that will not only help you manage the common risks associated with buying a used vehicle but also helping you get the best deal for the car. For an instant report you just need to provide us with the VIN number of the vehicle.

Full report only $36.95