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Tips when buying a used car provides the following tips for Australian consumers to consider when making a second hand car purchase:

  • Inform the seller you intend to do checks on the car.
  • Obtain the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and go to to get the car’s complete history (your VIN number can be found on your engine, on your registration papers and sticker, or on the inside of most car doors).
  • Get an independent mechanical inspection.
  • On the day you take ownership of the vehicle, purchase a PPSR Certificate to protect you against repossessions. You can buy a PPSR Certificate at

    Top 10 FAQ’s


    1. Where can I find the VIN?

    2. What is a Car History Report?

    3. There was an error in processing my report and I was refunded my payment, what can I do now?

    4. Can I do a report with a chassis number or plate number only?

    5. Why is there information missing from my report?

    6. Why do you need my date of birth when ordering a report?

    7. Why do you need my postcode?

    8. What about my privacy?

    9. How can I get a report I previously ordered?

    10. I have forgotten the details I provided when ordering my report and can’t log in. What can I do?

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