3 Australian cars that are surprisingly fun to drive

Where Can I Find the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

The vehicle identification number (VIN) is composed of 17 characters (digits and capital letters) that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle. A VIN displays the car's unique features, specifications and manufacturer.

The VIN can be found in a couple of places including on the car's registration label (1), on the compliance plate in the engine bay (2) or on the passenger side windshield (3), or on one of the door posts (where the door latches when it is closed) (4). See the image below:

Look for the VIN in these other locations:

  • Insurance card/Insurance policy
  • Vehicle title and registration certificate

Do you still find your car fun to drive?Do you still find your car fun to drive?

Humans can be easily dissatisfied. After partaking in an everyday in constant routine, it's not uncommon for us to become bored and disinterested. That can apply to driving, which is extremely exciting when we first get our car and licence, but after a while of traffic jams and everyday work commute, it's hardly a thrill ride.

When we get behind the wheel of our own car, we get to know it and its personality. While some people are content with the car they own, it's not uncommon for us to always be searching for something bigger and better, and when we're handed the keys to something different, we may find driving another car a lot of fun.

It's not that our own cars are boring, but that we've gotten conditioned to driving it. A recent study by Roy Morgan Research showed that every brand of car from the 17 they surveyed was more fun to drive than people expected1.

However, we all know that buying a lemon is less than fun. If you're looking for a second-hand car, get a Car History report first. This way, you'll be less likely to buy a vehicle with underlying problems and more likely to have something that'll bring you more years of enjoyment.

The next step is finding a car you like, which, according to Roy Morgan's study, shouldn't be too hard. Even some cars you wouldn't expect to be a fun drive can be thrilling once you can call it your own. With that in mind, here are the three most surprisingly fun-to-drive car makes on our roads today:

1. Peugeot

The French automotive manufacturer has a fair few models under its name. The compact 208 offers fuel economy for the city streets, while the 4008 SUV gives drivers a lot of room2.

Despite their selection, Peugeot ranked quite low on Roy Morgan's study. Only 5 per cent of people who say they will only buy a fun car would consider something from this brand's diverse range1.

When it came down to it, however, 35 per cent of Peugeot owners say they find their car to be an enjoyable drive, even going so far as to label it "fun"1. It sounds like a case of not knowing until you try it out - perhaps that second-hand Peugeot is worth another look?

2. Skoda

Czech automotive brand Skoda has long suffered from a brand image. A history of less-than-impressive cars dented their reputation in the past decades, such as when the marque launched the Octavia and Fabia models.

However, Skoda isn't giving up when trying to shake that perception. Although only 5 per cent of thrill-seeking car buyers would go for one of this company's impressive models, Roy Morgan found how 33 per cent of people who own a Skoda find it fun to drive1.

Why don't you test out the car first? The drive might surprise you.Why don't you test out the car first? The drive might surprise you.

3. Renault

From the Clio to the Megane, Renault is known for small cars with a lot of personality. A car that's up to scratch will offer fuel efficiency by the bucket load.

However, a measly 8 per cent of buyers seeking fun drives said they'd put their money on a Renault. But for those that have experienced Skoda's attractive fleet, 32 per cent of people who own one enjoy the ride behind the wheel1.

Are you tempted to take a second look at any of these surprisingly fun cars? A test drive is a must before you commit to any second-hand vehicle, and who knows, you might just enjoy yourself a little more than you think!

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